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2009.03.28 13:25

Topic ingredient:  Squid

As probably many heard that sea food in general is higher suggested by the Health Professionals than normal meat. It’s light for stomach digestion and normally very delicious too. What i dug on squid is that it is a perfect source of Selenium, Riboflavin and Vitamin B12. Quite a rare collection, huh?!

Moreover, I found an interesting article on Squid which tells us that lots of harmful bacteria “live happily in fish but avoid squid”. Squid has its own bacteria that defends itself from all the infections that paralyze all other fish-like species. This is amazing, don't you think?

From Now on, from all the sea food I feel like eating only squid! :P

And now…. Let’s make Squidy-Ready-Do Salad! (for 2 serving)

This dish is too simple, if you have squid which is already skinned.But if you start with a row un-skinned  squid (which is much better, if you want to make sure about safety of your ingredients), then you can refer to the article “How To Handle Squid In Your Kitchen” .



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