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2009.03.25 23:39

Topic Ingredient: young Spring Onions:

Some of you probably know that young Spring Onion is called Scallions. This is a right name for the type of onion that we are going to use in our recipe.
Scallion is genuinely healthyingredient for any salad, seasoning or fried food. It’s should becooked for about 1-2 minutes. Overcooking it (or any other vegetable)will kill all the goodies in the ‘greenies’.
“A 60–g portion (three onions) is a rich source of vitamin C; a sourceof foliate, calcium, and iron; contains 400 μg of carotene; provides1.8 g of dietary fiber; supplies 15 kcal (65 kJ)”, Moreover, it is said that green onions are great tohelp you control your weight and generally for health too.

Korean mini pizza:

Korean Pajan is the name for Korean style pizza. Its is very easy to make. The recipe is given for two people.

50-70 G of young Spring Onions
100 - 150 G of sea shell meat
50 G of carrot
50 G of Сourgettes (1/3 of medium size)
2 eggs
2 spoons of Flour (or Pajan mix, which is available in Korea)
little salt and black pepper


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