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2009.06.17 15:21

Sesame leaf: is a beautiful decoration of any dish thanks to its bright green color, pleasant nutty fragrance and fresh taste. I never thought it's actually possible to eat those leaves just like that fresh when i saw them for the 1st time on the table and a side dish for Korean BBQ. Later though my cooking experiments I found out that sesame leaf gives a great aroma and taste to the soup where you can add it when it's nearly ready instead of the other greenery. Moreover, as all green ingredients, sesame leaf is full of minerals. You can make a salad out of sesame leaf, cheese and cucumber! Great combination!

Sesame Leaf Roll recipe:

sesame leaves - 8 leaves (as many, as the number of rolls you like to make)
carrots - half of small carrot or 1/3 of big one
courgettes - 1/3
Enokitake mushrooms - 50 Gr (but other mushroom are fine as long as you slice them into long thin pieces)
tofu (for frying) - 150-200 Gr


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