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2009.05.11 23:07

Potato Potato Potato!

Many love it, many hate it. But somehow more people hate potato though neglecting its great qualities. This ugly unshaped vegetable is a nice weight - gainer for those who are skinny and thin. Eating it in low amounts though doesn't hurt a plumpy figure too. Thanks to carbohydrates in potato, it is easily digestible. Boiled potato with milk is a great meal for babies, it gives power and vitamins complex C and B, minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.
Try mashed raw potato with honey face pack. You will love it for  the pimple cure and skin spot reduction.

Potato Pizza Recipe:

Take 1/5th carrot,
little green onion,
1/5th of cucumber,
1 tomato,
2 big /4 small mushrooms and
1/4th onion.
Cut everything the way you want or like on the picture.


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