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2009.04.22 16:06

Talking about healthy food, one have to look into the roots of the food origins. Where does it come from? How it was grown, cleaned, cooked, preserved, maintained and stored? Many issues arise from this because the food is something we consume directly in to our body and it can affect our health straight away.
Recently many food poisoning were a true disaster for many families which caused a real media explosion. Many from us stopped trusting food items from China. In Korea, people don't trust American beef.
Such public behavior brings us to the recent trend of growing own ingredients whether those are vegetables, chickens or cows. Or... do you already have a small land where you grow your greenery? I won't be surprised, as many people manage to do that even in their apartment conditions.
Following that kind of trend is like green investing. Why? Have you ever thought about how much of carbon is emitted to deliver fresh strawberries to your home? CO2 goes for transportation, delivery, packaging to count the least. But if you have it all home, you invest in your health and the environment as well! Isn't it wonderful! You don't have to worry any more for the quality of your food because you looked over each step of it appearing on your dining table.


Lilia | 2009.04.29 13:39 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
Sakura blomming period is perfect for planting greenery.
Lilia | 2009.04.29 13:40 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
But depending on type of a plant, the timing should be different.
Hombre Timberland | 2012.12.25 14:14 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
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Yves Saint Laurent | 2012.12.26 15:02 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
안녕하세요. 아이폰관련 글을 읽다가 우연치않게 글을 남겨봅니다^^;
제가 하이브리드앱 방 qerwtytrertytrwy
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